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Serial Command list for empeg (05-10-2001)

Key Command
q Q Drop to Shell
r R Restart Player
[ Switch to empeg
] Switch to radio
= Switch to AUX
s S Cycle Info Mode
+ x Volume +
- z Volume -
c C < space > Play
p P Previous Song
f F Fast Forward
b B Rewind
w W Pause
\ Sleep On/Off
v V Next Visual
n N Next Song
1-9 FM Preset
. FM Down
` Radio preset store
O FM preset
m M Down Button
* Up Button
n N f F Right Button
b B p P Left Button
2 Tweak Order Artist
3 Tweak Order Source
5 Tweak Order Genre
6 Tweak Order Year
8 Swap Next
0 Toggle Shuffle

1.02 kernels with Rjlov's voladj patch and Frank's IR hack (01/13/01)

Raw files for Linux users

Mk1 voladj/IRhack kernel

Mk2 voladj/IRhack kernel

Zipped files for Windoze users

Mk1 voladj/IRhack kernel

Mk2 voladj/IRhack kernel

New rescue kernel (12/04/00)

Here is a kernel that will execute /bin/sh instead of /sbin/init in case you hose the player or something.

Mk2 rescue kernel

New toolchain (10/5/00)

I have compiled a new toolchain. It was built on a Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 system using glibc-2.1.3. I used the following packages to build this toolchain. This toolchain is suitable for compiling kernels and user programs. The binary package includes the glibc crypt functions and as a result should not be exported from the US.

Please do not download if outside the US.

You can download the binary here. The file is approximately 30 MB.

Uncompress the file in /usr/local/arm I have found the best way to compile a kernel is to add /usr/local/arm/bin to the end of you path. Then make config, and finally make zImage. In that case the kernel makefiles know to use arm-linux-gcc and the like instead of just gcc. It also then doesn't require you to precompile a couple of the utilities needed with the native gcc.

If you don't want to set up your makefiles for your own personal programs you can use the wrapper script below.

#! /bin/sh

exec "$@"

My benchmarks for the Mark2

After getting my Debian distro finalized on my Mark2 I ran a benchmarking program I had lying around. If I can find the original I'll post it here later. But here are my results
BYTEmark* Native Mode Benchmark ver. 2 (10/95)
Index-split by Andrew D. Balsa (11/97)
Linux/Unix* port by Uwe F. Mayer (12/96,11/97)

TEST                : Iterations/sec.  : Old Index   : New Index
                    :                  : Pentium 90* : AMD K6/233*
NUMERIC SORT        :          47.581  :       1.22  :       0.40
STRING SORT         :          2.4923  :       1.11  :       0.17
BITFIELD            :      1.5782e+07  :       2.71  :       0.57
FP EMULATION        :          4.5401  :       2.18  :       0.50
FOURIER             :          6.9459  :       0.01  :       0.00
ASSIGNMENT          :         0.42833  :       1.63  :       0.42
IDEA                :          188.82  :       2.89  :       0.86
HUFFMAN             :          22.207  :       0.62  :       0.20
NEURAL NET          :       0.0078868  :       0.01  :       0.01
LU DECOMPOSITION    :         0.28289  :       0.01  :       0.01
==========================ORIGINAL BYTEMARK RESULTS==========================
INTEGER INDEX       : 1.567
Baseline (MSDOS*)   : Pentium* 90, 256 KB L2-cache, Watcom* compiler 10.0
==============================LINUX DATA BELOW===============================
C compiler          : gcc version 2.95.2 20000220 (Debian GNU/Linux)
libc                : unknown version
MEMORY INDEX        : 0.345
INTEGER INDEX       : 0.429
Baseline (LINUX)    : AMD K6/233*, 512 KB L2-cache, gcc, libc-5.4.38
* Trademarks are property of their respective holder.

emptris for empeg car

Here is a very simple tetris clone for the empeg. Years ago I wrote a tetris game for the TI-85 calculator and just wanted to see if I could do the same for the empeg. It's very primitive but it works. I have added the drop feature since first released. Just untar it and read the text file included.

I have now changed the name to emptris and released the code under the GPL. There are not many comments, as in none so it may be hard to follow some of the code. I will probably be adding comments and giving more descriptive names to some of the variables in the future. If you just want the binary, its in there and at 18k file size I don't think it calls for separate distributions so you get the code as well. As always send me some mail if you have questions, suggestions or improvements.


New version of emptris that works on empeg 1.03 and with rio remote(8/04/01)


Here is a pic for your viewing enjoyment.


Questions, comments, or flames please email

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