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So your saying to yourself, "What the hell is Linux?" Well you must have been under a rock for a couple of years or know nothing about computers and just bought a Packard Bell at Worst Buy and are "Surfing the Web" with MSN or AOL. Well if your not a complete moron you may be able to learn a little about a real 32bit multitasking OS.

Linux is not just a dream of one Finnish CS student but a collaboration of thousands of people around the world working together to free the world from Micro$oft. But you say to yourself, "What makes Linux better than Windoze 95?" Many things but one huge factor is that it's free and most software for it is free also.

I know many people wont agree with me and I'm not trying to force anything on anyone. But if you are interested in Linux check out some of the links I have below. And if you have any questions about it you can email me with the link at the bottom of the page.

Here are a few links to Linux related materials.

Distributed Computing

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